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2022 Comprehensive Plan Amendments


Pursuant to the Comprehensive Plan amendment regulations in Port Orchard Municipal Code Section (POMC) 20.04, the Community Development Director has compiled a recommended Comprehensive Plan amendment docket, based on a preliminary evaluation of the need, urgency, and appropriateness of the suggested amendments, as well as the staff and budget availability to accommodate the public review process.

Comprehensive plan amendment applications were required to be completed and submitted to the Community Development Department by 4:00 pm on January 31, 2022, to be considered during this year’s amendment process. The Department initiated applications for a set of text amendments consistent with POMC 20.04.050(1).

Comprehensive Plan Amendments for Consideration in 2022:

  • Capital Facilities Element. Adopt the 2020 Amendment to the Water System Plan.
  • Parks Element. Update the Parks Element and adopt the Parks, Recreation and Open Space Plan by reference.  Port Orchard PROS Plan - 31 January, PROS Plan Appendices A-G
  • Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). Updates to the 6-year and 20-year TIP which generally includes prioritizing projects, adjusting budgets and the inclusion of a TIB-funded complete street grant project into the 6-year TIP. The proposed TIP will be posted here as developed. The currently adopted 6-year and 20-year TIP can be found through the following link: 2023-2042 TIP.4_27_2022
  • Utilities Element.  Amend tables 7.1 and 7.2 to add water and sewer main replacement projects including (1) the “Bay Street W Main Replacement (20-1) and Frederick to Orchard Street” and (2) the “Bay Street W Main Replacement.

How to Get and Stay Involved

The City will use several modes of communication to continuously inform the public and encourage participation in the Comprehensive Plan Amendment process, including:

Sign up for the City’s email notification list: Members of the public can sign up to receive email notifications about public meetings and other aspects of the Comprehensive Plan Amendment process.

Public comments: Members of the public can provide in-person comments by testifying to the Planning Commission and City Council, or by providing written comments submitted to the City by letter or email. All comments will be documented, retained, and available for public.

Website: The City will maintain this Comprehensive Plan Amendment page on its website with updates, important dates, background materials, and drafts.

Public notification. The City will publish notifications about public meetings and hearings in Kitsap Sun and on the City’s webpage.

Contact Information for Comprehensive Plan Amendment

To sign up for the Comprehensive Plan Amendment email notification list or to submit an email comment:


To submit a comment by regular mail:

City of Port Orchard

Department of Community Development

216 Prospect St

Port Orchard, WA  98366


To view documents in person:

City of Port Orchard

Department of Community Development

720 Prospect St

Port Orchard, WA  98366

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