2022 Tree Decorating Contest and Results

2022 Tree Decorating Results

Best Business Representation:  #1 West Side Improvement Club Bingo (planter 46) and #2 Kitsap Septic Pumping (planter 10)

Best Scottish: #1 Kona Ice (planter 16) and #2 Inslee Best Dozier & Ryder (planter 5)

Most Classy/Classic: #1 BloominPam (planter 35) and #2 Port Orchard Public Market (planter 49)

Best Overall: #1 Goodwill (planter 19) and #2 Polaris Theater (planter 24)


  • LED lights and decorations need to be provided by the Applicant and must be removed no later than January 15, 2023.
  • The city will not accept liability for any lost or stolen decorations.
  • Please note that items such as hats/clothing and food items may be more apt to disappear than other types of decorations.
  • City will remove and recycle trees. Sponsors, please do not remove trees.


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