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Cell Tower Ordinance


The City is considering amendments to the Port Orchard Municipal Code to adopt chapters POMC 20.70 Wireless Communication Facilities and POMC 20.72 Small Cell Wireless Communication Facilities. The purpose of the ordinance is to regulate the placement, construction, and modification of wireless communication facilities and small cell wireless telecommunication facilities, in order to protect the health, safety and welfare of the public, while not unreasonably interfering with the development of the competitive wireless telecommunications marketplace in Port Orchard.  The proposed chapters include standards for the design and aesthetics associated with these facilities.

  • Protect residential areas and land uses from potential adverse impacts that wireless telecommunication facilities might create;
  • Encourage providers of wireless communication facilities to locate these facilities, to the extent possible, in areas where the adverse impact on the community is minimal;
  • Encourage the location of wireless communication facilities in nonresidential areas and allow wireless communication facilities in residential areas only when necessary, to meet functional requirements of the telecommunications industry;
  • Minimize the total number of wireless communication facilities in residential areas;
  • Require cooperation between competitors and, as a primary option, joint use of new and existing towers, tower sites and suitable structures to the greatest extent possible, in order to reduce cumulative negative impact upon the City;
  • Allow wireless communication companies to use City property;
  • Ensure wireless communication facilities are configured in a way that minimizes the adverse visual impacts of wireless communication facilities;
  • Enhance the ability of the providers of telecommunication services to provide such services to the community quickly, effectively, and efficiently;
  • Provide for the removal of abandoned or no longer inspected for safety concerns and Building Code compliance wireless communication facilities.
  • Avoid potential damage to adjacent properties from tower failure, through engineering, careful siting, height limits, and maintenance of wireless communication facilities;
  • Provide a means for public input.



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