Commuter Parking

Downtown Port Orchard Foot Ferry Paid Parking Lot

Passes can only be purchased (debit or credit only) at the 2 terminals located in the parking lot next to the Port Orchard waterfront park.


Time Cost
Hourly $1.00/per hour
Daily $8.00/per day
Weekly $38.00/per week

Once pass is purchased, affix sticker to the inside of your drivers side window displaying the receipt. The receipt must be visible to parking enforcement.

Please contact Parking Enforcement at 360-874-5533 if you have questions regarding the parking terminals not working.

Please contact the finance department at 360-876-5139 if you have questions regarding parking terminal refunds.

Click here to view the Kitsap Transit foot ferry schedule

Annapolis Parking Lot (1076 Beach Drive E)

Use of the parking lot at the Annapolis foot ferry is managed by Kitsap Transit. Please visit the Kitsap Transit website here for information on parking permits and fees.


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