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Elected Officials

Eric Worden

Position No. 4
Term Expiration: 12-31-2027

Eric Worden has resided in Port Orchard since 1977 and is a 1994 graduate of South Kitsap High School. Eric’s city and county involvement  began in 1995 and his tenure has shown him the importance of a government’s role in community outreach and engagement practices. Over the years, Eric has utilized this knowledge and experience within multiple departments of public works and local government.

Eric’s experience has also shown him the importance of customer service. He feels it is essential to utilize current communication outlets and create new opportunities with today’s networking capabilities. In doing so, Eric is committed to building a stronger relationship between the City of Port Orchard and its citizens.  

During Eric’s four-year term, Port Orchard will continue to see growth. This growth will require updating and increasing utility, infrastructure, and transportation needs. Eric is prepared to tackle these areas with his decades of experience, tough decision making, and fiscal responsibility which will not only benefit Port Orchard, by today’s standards, but prepare us for the future. 

In his spare time, Eric enjoys spending time with his family, staying active, coaching athletics, and volunteering within Port Orchard and throughout South Kitsap.  


  • Land Use Committee
  • Utilities/Sewer Advisory Committee
  • Kitsap Regional Coordinating Council-Alt

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