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Online Permitting

The DCD Permit Center has a number of online permitting resources. This includes applying electronically, requesting inspections, reviewing inspection results, online payments, an interactive zoning map, and a pre-application guide.

Online Permitting

We accept applications for all permit types electronically.

If you are new to the Port Orchard Permit Center’s electronic application process, please review the linked information to get started.

Request Inspections Online

Inspections can be requested and inspection results can be viewed online for Building Permits, Land Disturbing Activity Permits, and Right-of-Way Permits through the Online Portal. If you would like to use this online service, you will need to get an Access Code assigned to you by the Permit Center. Please email inspections@portorchardwa.gov for assistance.

Inspections can be requested via email to inspections@portorchardwa.gov.

You must include the following information:

Permit Number

Site Address: must be specific

Type of inspection requested

Requested date

Point of Contact Name and Phone Number

Begin an Application Process Online

We’ve launched a new online resource so you can gain more information about the City’s requirements before applying for a permit. The Camino Permit Guide provides guidance based on information you provide in the Guide, and through GIS mapping.

You don’t have to create an account to use this Permit Guide. You can choose to fully access the tool as a guest.

Use the Guide to better understand:

  • What site constraints may be present at the property that might affect your permit submittal.
  • Zoning information for the property. This includes setbacks, height restrictions and more.
  • The minimum submittal requirements by permit type along with links to required forms.
  • Instructions on how to apply for your permit with document upload links.

We currently have very limited options available in the Guide. Development is ongoing to create additional Guides for other permit types. Please check back later if you don’t find what you are looking for. Please email us at permitcenter@portorchardwa.gov if you would like to share your feedback.

Make a Payment Online

After you apply for a permit, the Permit Center will email a fee summary to you. The summary sheet will include the information you will need to pay permit-related fees online.

Make a payment.

Information on payment options may be found here.

Pre-Application Resources Online

Gain more information about the City’s requirements before applying for a permit.



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