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Port Orchard Councilman John Clauson honored by Mayor Putaansuu for 41 years of service.

Posted on December 29, 2023

Port Orchard Councilman John Clauson honored by Mayor Putaansuu for 41 years of service.

John Clauson has served on the Port Orchard City Council from 1983 – 2023

 PORT ORCHARD, WA – After four decades of dedicated service as a Port Orchard City Council member, John Clauson will vacate his position.

Councilman Clauson unwavering commitment to service and leadership began when he was a student at South Kitsap High School when he served as a volunteer firefighter at the Orchard Heights fire station. He recalls fondly driving the fire truck in local parades. Over the years John has been a local small business owner, a South Kitsap High School bus driver, and a dedicated Little League coach.

John also drove the first Kitsap Transit routed service Port Orchard.

‘I loved driving school buses. Kitsap Transit was just starting up so I applied. It was never my aspiration to be the Executive Director of Kitsap Transit, but there were so many things to do and few folks to do it. I quickly stepped up to assist with scheduling and route designs. The timing was right, and I took on a lot of extra responsibilities quickly.’ John has been an employee of Kitsap Transit for over 40 years and now serves as the Execute Director.

John was appointed to Port Orchard’s civil service commission in the early 1980’s prior to serving on the City Council. In 2023 the Kitsap Economic Development Alliance honored John with their Economic Champion Award.

Port Orchard Mayor Rob Putaansuu: ‘It has been an honor to serve alongside Councilman Clauson. John’s leadership and dedication has made Port Orchard better and stronger. Thank you, John, for your commitment to our city and the people who live and work in Port Orchard.’



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