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What is the Special Event Application process?

Submit to the City Clerk’s office a Special Event Reservation form (if applicable). Submit the completed application to the City Clerk’s office with required fee(s), 90 days before the event. If the application and/or additional documents are not completed or submitted, the application will not be accepted until fully completed. The City will forward the … Continued


Stormwater specialists from local governments are working with businesses to help stop harmful materials and chemicals from entering waterways.  Businesses are required to take actions to prevent sources of water pollution.  This improves the water quality of our streams, lakes, and Puget Sound.  Source control is mandated by the federal Clean Water Act and will … Continued

Utility Assistance

The city has a low-income program. Low-Income-document-for-website-revised.pdf ( The city does in some circumstances offer a payment plan. Click here to fill out the application New Submission ( The city offers monthly “budget billing” that can help smooth out billing demands. Rather than paying a varying amount every other month participants pay a set budgeted … Continued

I had a leak. How do I get a leak credit?

The city offers annually up to a $100.00 leak credit when a water line break or leak causes excess water usage. Information on finding a leak. Follow the link for leak credit applications.

I am being billed for storm drainage, what is this?

The storm drainage assessment is a flat rate everyone in the city limits pays that is not included in their property taxes in compliance with the Federal Clean Water Act. The city maintains an extensive storm drain system. The maintenance cost for this system is shared by each City residence and business.    

How do I start or stop utility service?

I bought a home. I sold a home and want to discontinue service. I am a new tenant or have a new tenant in my home. The account will stay in the owner’s name as they are ultimately responsible for the billing, but we can provide a duplicate copy to a tenant. Please email or … Continued

How can I pay my utility bill?

The City of Port Orchard currently provides a number of ways that make paying your water/sewer/storm bill convenient and easier for the customers to manage. The city accepts VISA or MasterCard credit cards over the telephone 1-877-822-8415 or in person at City Hall. For utility customers there is no processing or credit card convenience fee. … Continued


What is backflow?  Cross-Connection — also known as backflow — means any actual or potential physical connection between a public water system or the consumer’s water system and any source of non-potable water supply by backflow.  This can include water from common sources including: Swimming pools, hot water heaters, and soda fountains.  How does backflow … Continued

Fats, Oils & Grease (FOG)

Fats, Oils & Grease (FOG) Program  We need your help to keep the City of Port Orchard’s sewer system working its best and keep repair costs down. Fats, oils, and grease from cooking cause up to a third of all sewage overflow problems in Port Orchard, which could potentially result in public health issues and … Continued

What is See Click Fix?

See Click Fix is a public service request workflow and communication application. It is to be used to strengthen the relationship between citizens and local government to address community concerns. Citizens make requests and the proper team handles concerns in a dispatch fashion.

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