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Ruby Creek Neighborhood Subarea Plan

Information and Map

On September 22, 2020, the City Council adopted the Ruby Creek Neighborhood Subarea Plan. As envisioned in the Plan, the Ruby Creek Neighborhood is proposed to be a thriving and attractive walkable neighborhood with easy access to goods and services, a variety of housing types, and convenient access to employment via Kitsap Transit and its proximity to SR-16 and SR-160. Residents will be able to walk and bicycle to the neighborhood grocery store, restaurants, and businesses providing other goods and services, as well as to Sidney Glen Elementary School and Cedar Heights Middle School.  The Ruby Creek central business district will consist of walkable shopfronts along Sidney Ave SW.  Natural environmental features and park and recreation amenities along Ruby Creek and Blackjack Creek, along with this central business district, will form the heart of the neighborhood.  At buildout, it is estimated that the neighborhood will contain approximately 1,800 residents and 652 jobs. The plan addresses the current and proposed status of the Ruby Creek Neighborhood, the proposed zoning and regulatory requirements for the Plan, and designs illustrating how a built-out Ruby Creek Neighborhood would look and function.

For more information on the Ruby Creek Neighborhood Subarea Plan, contact the Department of Community Development at or 360 874-5533.

ruby creek boundary map

FINAL ADOPTED Ruby Creek Neighborhood Subarea Plan






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