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Small Works Roster Purchasing


Any local government using the uniform process established in RCW 39.04.190 to award contracts for purchases must post a list of the contracts awarded under that process at least once every two months. Any state agency or local government using the small works roster process established in RCW 39.04.155 to award contracts for construction, building, renovation, remodeling, alteration, repair, or improvement of real property must make available a list of the contracts awarded under that process at least once every year. The list shall contain the name of the contractor or vendor awarded the contract, the amount of the contract, a brief description of the type of work performed or items purchased under the contract, and the date it was awarded. The list shall also state the location where the bid quotations for these contracts are available for public inspection.

*Quotations are available for viewing at the City of Port Orchard Public Works Department, 216 Prospect Street, Port Orchard, WA 98366

Contract No. Public Works No. Contractor Amount of Contract Project Description Award Date
022-23 PW2023-001 Advanced Door Service $7,453.17 Police Department Roll-up Door Motor Replacement 1/31/2023
046-23 PW2023-005 A-Advanced Septic Services $18,847.66 MW Annual Septic Tank Cleaning 6/2/2023
037-23 PW2023-006 Stripe Rite, Inc. $37,628.00 2023 Thermoplastic Applications 4/25/2023
042-23 PW2023-008 Stripe Rite, Inc. $67,593.48 2023 Road Striping 5/23/2023
043-23 PW2023-009 Northwest Tree Service $6,776.60 912 Cline Tree Removal 4/24/2023
044-23 PW2023-011 Olson Brothers Pro-Vac $76,214.78 2023 Stormwater Catch Basin & Pipe Maintenance 5/23/2023
053-23 PW2023-012 AquaTech $143,657.42 McCormick Woods Step System Retrofit Project 6/27/2023
057-23 PW2023-014 Hydrevo, LLC $17,580.00 Leak Detection 7/24/2023
058-23 PW2023-015 Bremerton Backflow $2,404.60 Backflow Device Testing 7/24/2023
074-23 None TMG Services $93,503.96 Chlorination Equipment for Well 7 9/26/2023
094-23 PW2023-018 AllAround Fence Company $4,003.66 Givens Ball Field Fence Repair-701 Sroufe 10/16/2023
093-23 PW2023-019 AllAround Fence Company $5,326.19 Shop Fence Repair-1535 Vivian Court 10/16/2023
PO 066-23 None Pacific Air Control, Inc. $435.01 HVAC Repairs 8/30/2023
018-24 PW2024-002 Pumptech, LLC $62,027.75 Tremont Pl Lift Station Repairs 1/23/2024
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