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Temporary Signs

On December 12, 2023, the City Council approved an ordinance amending POMC 20.132.270 concerning temporary signs in the right-of-way.  Below is a summary of the updates which explains where temporary signs may be placed within public rights of way.  Please see Ordinance 037-23 for the complete details of the new ordinance.

Permitted Areas:

Temporary signs may be placed in the right-of-way of approved corridors, adjacent to improved pedestrian facilities, at least 50 feet from a curb return of an intersection.

Prohibited Areas:

Signs cannot be within 10 feet of a roadway edge line or in the right-of-way abutting public property.

Approved Corridors:

Temporary signs are allowed in the specific corridors as listed below:

Tremont St SW Old Clifton Rd
Tremont Street W SE Mile Hill Dr
SE Lund Ave Bethel Rd SE
SR-160 Bethel Ave
SE Sedgwick Rd Glenwood Rd SW
Sidney Ave Hull Ave
Sidney Rd SW Bay St West of Kitsap St.
Pottery Ave


Non-Compliance Protocol:

Non-compliant signs will be temporarily stored at the Public Works facility at 1260 Lloyd Parkway for seven days before being discarded. If you believe your sign has been collected, please contact the Port Orchard Department of Community Development at 360.874.5533 to schedule a time to pick up your sign.

Summary of Regulations (POMC 20.132.270):

  1. No Permit Required:

Temporary signs do not require a sign permit but must comply with specified standards.

  1. Removal:

Temporary signs must be removed if they need repair, are worn, dilapidated, or create a public nuisance. City personnel will handle removal within the public right-of-way.

  1. Materials:

Temporary signs must adhere to sign material standards and the definition of "temporary sign" as specified in POMC 20.132.100 and POMC 20.132.290, respectively.

  1. Temporary signs near intersections

Temporary signs may not be located within intersections. The graphic below depicts areas that are not suitable for temporary sign placement based on the criteria in POMC 20.132.270.

temp signs

These regulations aim to ensure proper use, placement, and removal of temporary signs within the city, balancing communication needs with safety considerations. For details, visit POMC 20.132.270 and check the DCD Viewer to determine where temporary signs may be placed. Contact the Department of Community Development for additional information.

Contact: 360.874.5533

Email: planning@portorchardwa.gov

Address: 216 Prospect Street, Port Orchard, WA 98366

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