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Employee of the Quarter

Eilertson and GapschOff. Eilertson and Off. Gapsch have been jointly awarded the City’s Employee(s) of the Quarter. We have been in the midst of hiring many new teammates and all of them needed Field Training. The City recognizes the heavy lift of this responsibility, even more so when we recognize that we have spent nearly a year in constant training mode. Here is what was provided for their nomination:

Jon and Josiah are assigned to the FTO unit. Currently, our department had done something it has never done and had 3 people on FTO at the same time. Jon and  Josiah for MONTHS have been in the passenger seat teaching non-stop. This makes it  to where they do not get the days off they want, they do not get to go to training, but dedicated their time to train these new officers.

It is not easy to train just one student. Leading, guiding and educating for one month at a time can be a challenge. But they not only did it with on student or for one month, but  they have done it for 4 students and for over 6 months, most of it nonstop. BUT not only are they doing it, the students are coming out motivated, excited and no complaints on their attitude or effort. This is huge with retaining our new officers.

By putting in this extra effort, keeping a positive attitude and producing trained and productive Officers, it helps both the department grow and the city. Having positive new, young officers always brings a positive change to departments. So by them working so hard to train, keeping a positive attitude and motivating these new officers, we are in a better position than we were 3,6,9 months ago. THEY are keeping this department running.

Congratulations and a heart-felt thank you for dedicating your time and energy to creating a department that ranks amongst the best. You are leaving a solid legacy!

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