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The City of Port Orchard is commencing its required 2024 periodic update to the City's Comprehensive Plan. The City is envisioning a light refresh to its existing plan addressing new Growth Management Act (GMA) requirements, Vision 2050, and updated Countywide Planning Policies. Much of the work to update the Comprehensive Plan will focus on new planning requirements including but not limited to climate, equity, and housing affordability.

The City of Port Orchard proposes to prepare its 2024 periodic update to the Comprehensive Plan, a housing action plan, a subarea plan, an update to the critical areas code for best available science, and updates to development regulations to implement these plans.

Every eight years, as required by the GMA, cities are required to update their Comprehensive Plan. Port Orchard’s last major update was conducted in 2016. The process of this update is expected to take about two years to complete.

The first step in updating Port Orchard’s Comprehensive Plan is the development of a Public Participation Plan. Learning what issues are important to the community and including the community’s feedback into the Comprehensive Plan is important  to address in the update and the creation of a successful useable plan. Staff presented the draft public participation plan for the first time in front of the Planning Commission at the November 1st Planning Commission meeting. A public hearing is scheduled for the Public Participation Plan at the December 6th Planning Commission meeting.

All work on the Comprehensive Plan periodic update will be done ensuring thorough and continuous public participation and outreach. The Public Participation Plan identifies mechanisms to capture the community’s input and outlines the anticipated timeline for Comprehensive Plan development. A timeline has been included in the documents liked below for reference. Updates will be posted periodically on this webpage and on the City’s Facebook.



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