1. City Council is meeting 7/16/24 at 6:30pm. Click here for the agenda and Zoom link.
  2. Road Closure and Traffic Notice for the Mitchell/Lincoln Roundabout Project, beginning July 8th. Click here for more information.


John Morrissey Councilmember 360-670-0311 Email
Eric Worden Councilmember 360-620-8862 Email
Heidi Fenton Councilmember 360-434-1389 Email
Denis Ryan, CPWP-M, CPRP Public Works Director 360-876-4991 Email
Mark Trenary Councilmember 360-340-1108 Email
Matt Brown Police Chief 360-876-1700 Email
Robert Putaansuu Mayor 360-876-4407 Email
Fred Chang Councilmember 360-876-5077 Email
Scott Diener Councilmember 360-874-0946 Email
Jay Rosapepe Councilmember Email
Brandy Wallace City Clerk, MMC, CPRO 360-876-7030 Email
Noah Crocker Finance Director 360-876-7023 Email
Nick Bond Community Development Director 360-874-5533 Email
Sharon Ells Court Administrator 360-876-1701 Email
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