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Sewer Advisory Committee

Members: Councilmembers Lucarelli, Clauson and Trenary

Staff Liaison: Utility Manager

Committee Responsibilities

The Sewer Advisory Committee is responsible for overseeing the operation and maintenance of the South Kitsap Water Reclamation Facility, the wastewater treatment plant located in Annapolis and jointly owned by the City and West Sound Utility District (WSUD).  The Committee is made up of the three Councilmembers on the Utilities Committee and the three Commissioners from WSUD.  Meeting three or four times each year to review capital improvement projects, they also review and approve an annual budget in October each year.

Committee Documents

The committee agendasminutespackets, and audio/video files, are located in the Electronic Records Library.

*Agendas are subject to change before meeting time.

*Audio/video files can be also found on our YouTube channel.


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