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Transportation Committee

Members: Councilmembers Chang (Chair), Diener and Trenary

Staff Liaison: Public Works Director

Committee Responsibilities

The purpose of the Transportation Committee is to advise the Mayor and City Council on transportation issues and support City Staff in achieving the City’s transportation objectives. Implementation activities by the committee may include, but are not limited to:

  1. Coordinating with the Mayor and Council to clarify and evolve policy goals.
  2. Advocating for community desires as expressed by Council as a body for multi-modal transportation.
  3. Assist Staff with developing programs and initiatives for the preservation and improvement of infrastructure and safety of the traveling public.
  4. Advocating for City policies that support funding of programs/ projects, including grant procurement.
  5. Encourage community involvement and assist Staff with community engagement.

Committee Documents

The committee agendasminutespackets, and audio/video files, are located in the Electronic Records Library.

*Agendas are subject to change before meeting time.

*Audio/video files can be also found on our YouTube channel.



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