Event Signage

POMC 20.132.290 “Temporary sign” (which may include special event sign) means any sign that is used temporarily and is not permanently mounted, painted or otherwise affixed, excluding portable signs as defined by this chapter, including any poster, banner, placard, stake sign or sign not placed in the ground with concrete or other means to provide permanent support, stability and rot prevention. Temporary signs may only be made of nondurable materials including, but not limited to, paper, corrugated board, flexible, bendable or foldable plastics, foamcore board, vinyl canvas or vinyl mesh products of less than 20-ounce fabric, vinyl canvas and vinyl mesh products without polymeric plasticizers and signs painted or drawn with water soluble paints or chalks. Signs made of any other materials shall be considered permanent and are subject to the permanent sign regulations of this chapter. Please contact the Community Development Department at (360) 874-5533 if you have questions or if you need to apply for a sign permit.

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