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Bed and Breakfast Parking Permits


Subject to the provisions of the City’s parking requirements as contained in the City’s zoning code, up to three bed and breakfast parking permits shall be available for vehicles of registered guests of a bed and breakfast facility during their stay.

The permit shall only be valid for on-street parking within two blocks of the bed and breakfast facility. The vehicle must be owned or leased by the guest and licensed and operable. Bed and breakfast parking permits shall not be issued for commercial vehicles, buses, tractors, boats, trailers or recreational vehicles. Bed and breakfast parking permits must be displayed prominently in a window of the vehicle.

There shall be an administrative fee for each bed and breakfast permit. The fee shall be set by resolution and adopted by the city council.

Resolution No.116-23 Fee Schedule

It is now possible to apply for a bed and breakfast parking permit online using the following link:  Bed and Breakfast Parking Permit Online Application

Alternatively, you may complete and print the following application form and submit it to the Finance Department at 216 Prospect Street.

Bed and Breakfast Parking Permit Application

For additional information on Bed and Breakfast Parking Permits, please contact the Finance Department at 360-876-5139 or finance@portorchardwa.gov.


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