Parking Enforcement

The City of Port Orchard has two Parking Enforcement Officers that work within the Department of Community Development to educate the community and enforce the City of Port Orchard’s parking ordinances and state law.

Port Orchard’s Parking Enforcement Officers perform monitoring as follows:

  • Paid parking/ Parkeon kiosks
  • Time restrictions on streets
  • Yellow zones/ curbs/ loading zones
  • Parking obstructing traffic
  • Parking for unlawful advertising, selling of vehicles or merchandise
  • Blocking roadway, driveways, mailboxes, fire hydrants and sidewalks

Any citizen concerned about a parking issue (other than a parking ticket) should report it to See Click Fix to be routed to the proper authorities. Inquiries about issued parking tickets should be directed to the Port Orchard Municipal Court.

In the event of an emergency or a concern requiring immediate attention, please contact 911 so that the Officer on duty can be dispatched accordingly.

****Residential passes are available in the Finance Department (1st floor of City Hall) for individuals living on streets with time restrictions (such as a 2-hour limit).


See Click Fix is a public service request workflow and communication application. It is to be used to strengthen the relationship between citizens and local government to address community concerns. Citizens make requests and the proper team handles concerns in a dispatch fashion.

Vehicles with placards with passengers that require accessible parking can park as long as needed and will not be ticketed.

Residential passes must be placed in an area that is visible from the exterior. Residential passes are only for time restrictions, they are not permission to break other parking laws.

Please contact the finance department for a new pass. The cost is $5 for a replacement and expiration date will not change.

Contact the Department of Community Development at (360) 874- 5533.

Parking meters are located in City Lot 3 (five rows of parking area under city jurisdiction west of Harrison Avenue and east of and parallel to the library’s easternmost exterior wall) and Lot 4 (lies east of Parking Lot 3 and Harrison Avenue and west of the Marina Park) and enforced Monday to Friday 8am-430pm.

8:00am until 4:30pm, Monday through Friday, excluding state holidays. After hours, the Port Orchard Police Department handles parking as needed.

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