1. The Land Use Committee is meeting 7/17/24 at 4:30pm. Click here for more information.
  2. Road Closure and Traffic Notice for the Mitchell/Lincoln Roundabout Project, beginning July 8th. Click here for more information.

Port Orchard Parking Overview


Parking restrictions and permitting in the City of Port Orchard are enforced and administered by Parking Enforcement Officers, by the Port Orchard Police Department, by the Port Orchard Court, by the City Clerk’s Office, by the Department of Community Development, and by the Port Orchard Finance Department, depending on the issue.  The Port of Bremerton also operates parking lots in downtown Port Orchard near the Port of Bremerton Marina.  For assistance with City of Port Orchard parking related issues, please explore the links below for further information and if necessary, please contact the appropriate department for assistance.

Parking Enforcement Officer:  The Parking Enforcement officers for the City of Port Orchard work in the Department of Community Development.  These positions are limited in the types of parking violations that can be enforced.  They are unable to assist with parking violations which by statute must be enforced by a commissioned officer.  For more information about parking restrictions in the City of Port Orchard and about the work of our parking enforcement officers, please visit the following pages:

To report parking violations, please use the SeeClickFix app.  If you need assistance from a parking enforcement officer for parking violations under the purview of parking enforcement, please contact an officer at (360) 801-6341 or parkingenforcement@portorchardwa.gov

Police Department: The Port Orchard Police Department is responsible for the enforcement of parking violations as listed under the police heading above.  For assistance with enforcement of these violations you must call 911.  The Port Orchard police department will respond to these issues as time and resources allow.  The City’s other departments are unable to assist with these issues.

Municipal Court-Parking: If you have received a parking infraction (ticket) or have questions about a parking infraction, please visit the following web page or contact the Port Orchard Municipal Court:

Finance Department: The Port Orchard Finance Department handles most parking permit issues, except for the ParkMobile app and Special Passes.

City Clerk's Office: The Port Orchard City Clerk’s Office handles requests for Visitor Parking Permits (Special Passes).

Permit Center: The Port Orchard Permit Center processes applications for Street Use Permits.



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