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Parking Enforcement
720 Prospect Street
Port Orchard, WA 98366
M-F 8am - 4:30pm
Closed all City Holidays

Downtown Waterfront Parking


Parking in Downtown Port Orchard is changing.  The City of Port Orchard is set to break ground on the Marina Sewer Pump Station project near the Port of Bremerton Marina Offices.  This critical project replaces an aging undersized facility that pumps about 90% of the City’s sewage waste to the sewer treatment plant at Beach Drive and Olney.  As such, a previous parking agreement between the City of Port Orchard and the Port of Bremerton is being repealed and replaced.  This means that the existing marina parking lot will be closing during construction.  Marina users will be allowed to park in the paid parking lot that has up to this point been managed by the City of Port Orchard provided they display a valid marina parking permit issued by the Port of Bremerton.  Commuters will still be allowed to park in the paid parking lot, but the lot will be shared with marina users.  Management of this lot will now be handled by the Port of Bremerton and the old parking payment machines will be replaced with a new system that uses a smartphone-based payment system.  Enforcement of parking restrictions will be handled by the City of Port Orchard parking enforcement officers.

Marina Permit/Paid Parking Lots

Users of the Marina Permit/Paid Parking lot will either need to display a valid marina parking permit or will need to pay for parking using the PARKMOBILE Parking Management system.  Parking spaces are available for hourly public parking rates at $1 per hour, Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm only. Payments for these parking spaces are managed by PARKMOBILE Parking Management, and paid parking operation questions may be directed to 360-801-6341 for Parking Enforcement, or 877-727-5457 or https://app.parkmobile.io/zone/start

Additional Parking Options

These are free parking spots available to the public for the time posted. Parking Enforcement Officers monitor the 1, 2- and 4-hour timed parking spots Monday thru Friday 8-5:00pm. Visitors can park for as long as needed Saturdays, Sundays and Federal Holidays in the time restricted parking areas.  Here are a few places to park in the downtown area:

Bay Street: 2-hr parking on both sides, parallel parking only

Frederick and Sidney Street: 2-hr parking from waterfront to Prospect

Lot behind Library: 2-hr parking in the unmarked stalls

Waterfront parking lot (which lies between Frederick St. and Sidney Ave. north of Bay St.): 4-hr parking including two electric vehicle parking stalls

Residential streets that have 4-hr time restrictions: Prospect, Kitsap, Sidney from Prospect to Dekalb, Cline from Kitsap to Dwight, Robert Geiger, Dekalb, Dwight, Harrison and Seattle.

If you have any questions about marina user parking, please call the Port of Bremerton at 360.674.2381.

Port Orchard Farmers Market on Saturday: April-October

Between April and October, the annual Farmers Market is held on Saturdays in the mornings near the Port Orchard Waterfront Park, and these parking areas are temporarily unavailable during the market mornings. Additional signage will be visible during these times.

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