Residential Parking

Residential Parking Permits

Residential parking permits may be issued to any resident of the City of Port Orchard who has valid photo identification and is the owner of a vehicle that is licensed to operate on the highway. Each permit shall be $10.00, and up 4 permits can be issued per residence. The permit shall be valid for 2 years upon the date of receiving the permit and will expire on the last day of the issuance calendar month.

When the permit is issued, a sticker will be provided.  Permits must be visible from the outside of the vehicle to approaching Parking Enforcement Officer.

Parking permits allow the owner of the vehicle to park within a one block radius of the owners’ residence on streets with posted restrictions unless the resident resides on Bay Street, then the block of 700 Prospect Street is acceptable.

This permit does not guarantee a parking place nor does it allow the owner to reserve a parking place.

This permit is NOT VALID in the following areas:  Bay Street and all areas between Prospect Street and the waterfront, Frederick Avenue, and the 100 and 200 blocks of Sidney Avenue directly in front of a business.

The City of Port Orchard reserves the right to cancel the permit or to amend the rules at any time.

Residential Parking Permit Application

Guest Parking Permits

Guest permit means a 14-day permit for the vehicle of a person visiting a resident who is eligible for a residential parking permit. Each permit shall be $10.00.

Guest Parking Permit Application



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