Bethel Phase 1

Project Information

Construct two roundabouts on Bethel Road at both Salmonberry Road and Blueberry Road. Acquire the right-of-way to accommodate the build-out of roundabouts designed for 2040 and beyond. The design and number of circulating lanes required to support opening day volumes will be determined during the design phase. At Salmonberry Road, our analysis identified a single-lane roundabout as an interim design; however, a two-lane roundabout with two-lane approaches southbound and northbound on Bethel Road is expected to be required to meet LOS standards in 2040. At Blueberry Road, our analysis did not identify an interim design and a single-lane roundabout is expected to meet LOS standards in 2040.Bethel Phase 1 image

Construct the Bethel Road segment between Salmonberry Road and Blueberry including sidewalk, bioretention swale, curb and gutter, bike lane, one travel lane in each direction, and a raised center median.


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