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Stormwater CFC

On June 1, 2024, the City of Port Orchard will implement a Capital Facilities Charge (CFC) for stormwater on new development. This fee will be required to be paid prior to permit issuance.

CFCs are one-time fees paid during development to recover a share of system capacity costs for accommodating growth The City’s stormwater CFC is designed to ensure fairness between existing and new customers while providing funds for system expansion as growth occurs.

This CFC charge will recover a proportionate share of existing and future system assets’ costs from new customers as growth occurs. The City already has CFCs for water and wastewater utilities (wastewater fees are referred to as general facility fees).

The establishment of the CFC fee schedule involves existing system costs and future capital costs. Existing system costs include Utility Plant-In-Service, Construction-Work-in-Progress, and adjustments for Contributed Capital. Future capital costs encompass planned capital improvement projects as listed in the City’s Stormwater Comprehensive Plan. The existing cost basis recognizes the current ratepayers’ investment in the original cost of system assets, considering construction costs, contributed capital, and interest on non-contributed plant.

The CFC charge for development projects will vary depending on the type of development and is based on a unit of measurement known as an Impervious Surface Unit (ISU).  An ISU is defined as “3,000 square feet of impervious ground cover and is the measure of impervious ground cover to be used by the utility in assessing service charges. The City utilizes a flat rate charge for single-family residential (which is presumed to be one ISU).  For multifamily (2 or more units including ADU units) and commercial development, each development will be reviewed to determine the total number of ISUs proposed.  The total number of ISUs will be multiplied by the per ISU CFC rate as follows:

Total Impervious Surface Square Footage / 3,000 = Total ISUs for the Project

Stormwater CFC = Total ISUs x $3,087.00

If you have additional questions about the Stormwater CFC, please email publicworks@portorchardwa.gov


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